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Canapé events

Chefinity has been to too many events where a bit of bruschetta with some tapenade on top is passed off as a canapé  That’s not a canapé, that’s lazy.

Canapés should be tiny taste explosions.  A bite size memory.  An opportunity to show off to your guests and show them how important they are by serving decent canapés.  Chefinity loves canapés.  Each one a tiny work of art that should delight the eye as much as the mouth.

Chefinity can cater canapé parties for up to 50 guests and can also help you with your wine needs.  If you are hosting very special clients and want to leave them with a good memory of the food you provided for them, talk to us about a canapé menu that you’ll be proud of.


Prices vary depending on your selection of canapés.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  Some example canapés include:
  • Saffron shots

  • Cherry tomatoes stuffed with cream cheese and black olives

  • Skewers of feta cheese marinated in toasted fennel

  • Olive and parmesan biscuits topped with parsley pesto and goats cheese

  • Gazpacho shots

  • Red pepper and cucumber maki rolls

  • Oat biscuits with dolcelatté and red onion marmalade

  • Mini Devon scones with strawberry jam and cream