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Cooking parties

A chance for you to put your feet up while the children make a mess in the kitchen.  Groups of up to 8 children can get their hands sticky at one of Chefinity’s cooking parties.  Perfect for birthday parties, little guests can have a go at making pizza, rolling pastry, making fairy cakes or perhaps even rolling some sushi!  The ‘guest of honour’ will be appointed ‘Sous Chef’ with a hat to match, and the other guests can also enjoy being ‘Commis Chefs’ for an afternoon.  With such a kitchen brigade, what could possibly go wrong!  (Pause for thought and then cover every exposed surface in plastic!)

If you can’t find a suitable kitchen where little chefs can get to grips with eggs and flour, Chefinity is able to host the party at the ‘home kitchen’ of Chefinity in Ennetbaden, approx. 15-30 minutes north west of Zürich.  There is plenty of parking and Chefinity will worry about the mess.





Children's parties cost CHF 55.- per child and four children is the minimum group size.  Parties last 3 hours.

Private lessons for 1-2 people last 4 hours and cost CHF 250.- for the lesson.

Group lessons of between 3-6 adults last 4 hours and cost CHF 90.- per person.

For BIG kids. Don’t let just the kids have all the fun.  Chefinity can also offer cooking parties for grown ups (or people who pretend to be grown ups most of the time).

Either as private lessons, or groups of up to 6 people, you can learn how to, for example, make pastry, bake cakes or how to perfect a three course meal to impress the girl of your dreams.

Ever read a recipe and thought “what on earth is ‘dropping consistency’?” or “how do I fold in flour? I thought folding was for sheets”?  Give us a call and we’ll come up with a plan for how to get you and your friends from a ‘kitchen what?’ to a ‘kitchen wizard’ in less time than it takes for bread to rise.