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Fill your freezer service

This is your chance to have all the convenience of a ‘ready meal’ but tailored to your own needs and without all of the preservatives, colourings, and other hidden things which you normally can’t identify on the side of the packet.

Hire Chefinity for the day and come home to a meal for you and your family to eat that evening, and in your freezer you’ll find 4 portions of 5 different meals, ready for whenever you need them.

You can have food frozen in your own dishes, which means you can serve straight to table if you wish.  Or Chefinity can provide freezer and microwave proof containers for you.

Choose from a wide range of dishes or discuss a meal request of your own.  And you can have dishes altered to suit your own needs.  Counting calories, reducing salt, avoiding gluten or really just can’t stand courgettes? No problem.


Prices vary depending on your choice of dishes.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

  Example meals that we know freeze and reheat well include:
  • Pumpkin risotto

  • Vegetable korma and pilau rice

  • Carrot and coriander soup

  • Tomato and fennel soup

  • Lime and chilli chicken and basmati rice

  • Salmon risotto

  • Lasagne, meat or vegetarian

  • …and many more…