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About your Head Chef, Michelle Kiener

Michelle Kiener leads Chefinity, bringing in other Chef's and staff according to the customers needs.

"My father trained as a baker and a pastry chef and I grew up cooking with both my mother and father in the family kitchen.  It was here that I learned the pleasure and importance of using good quality fresh ingredients and learned the skills of cooking dishes from scratch.  Home cooked from scratch beats packets and tins any day, but I know that I'm lucky as not everyone has the time or knowledge to cook this way.

"My Master of Science degree in environmental science is the reason I believe in using organic, local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible.  I believe it's a more sustainable way to eat, for us and for the earth, and anyway - why risk our health and planet with chemicals and methods that we don't always completely know the full impact of.

"I formalised a life long love of cooking and good food by training at Ashburton Cookery School in Devon, UK, and then at the renowned Claridge’s hotel in London, after which I started Chefinity."

Michelle Kiener